Dr. T. Lim

Dr. T. Lim

Research Scientist


Phone: +86 10 6068 3828


UHV-STM, Single Molecule reactions at semiconductor and metal surfaces


Tingbin Lim studied Chemistry in the National University of Singapore, graduating in 2004. At the lab of Noble Laureate John Polanyi (University of Toronto, Canada), he obtained in 2010 his PhD in Experimental Physical Chemistry, and completed a postdoctoral term. There, he specialized in the reaction/adsorption of simple organic molecules on semiconductor and metal surfaces studied with UHV-STM. Then, he moved to the London Centre for Nanotechnology in 2013, where he worked on establishing the capability to fabricate atomically precise semiconductor devices using the STM. Over the years, Tingbin has published several scientific articles on various subjects, from single molecule reactions on surfaces to organometallic cluster synthesis.


Tingbin joined SynCat@Beijing in August 2015 as a Research Scientist, and is presently developing new research directions with Prof. Hans Niemantsverdriet and Dr. Jose Gracia. His current scientific interest is in using the STM to directly observe and study single molecule reaction in catalytic model systems, as well as exploring the possibilities of combining STM experiments with other aspects of catalysis study, like homogenous catalysts and thin film model catalysts.

Selected Publications

“Surface-mediated chain reaction through dissociative attachment”

Tingbin Lim, John C. Polanyi, Hong Guo and Wei Ji, Nature Chem., (2011) 85-89

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“Localized reaction at a smooth metal surface; p-diiodobenzene at Cu(110)”

 Lydie Leung, Tingbin Lim, Zhanyu Ning and John C. Polanyi, JACS, 134 (2012) 9320-9326

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“Single-Electron Induces Double-Reaction by Charge Delocalization”

Kai Huang , Lydie Leung , Tingbin Lim , Zhanyu Ning, and John C. Polanyi, JACS 135 (2013) 6220-6225

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